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Learning Coaches (LC's) provide important support for students.  Our LC's are comprised of professionals, educators, and parents that have first-hand knowledge of the benefits of homeschooling over brick and mortar public education.   They realize that most learning is gained when a child feels safe and supported in their environment.  

While online teachers provide academic instruction and guidance, the Learning Coach also provides important support. For example, the Learning Coach:

  • Helps students organize the learning environment

  • Uses instructional guides to help students make progress through daily lessons

  • Uses online tools to help students log attendance and manage their schedules

  • Communicates frequently with teachers in order to foster students' success


The students are expected to take on more accountability and responsibility for their learning, and develop more independent study skills.   

Together the Learning Coaches with the student develop a cohesive and symbiotic relationship, conducive to a successful learning environment. 





Learning Coach, Online School
Learning coach, teacher, online school

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